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We need to have the data ready before we proceed as it will serve as the basis of the design. So, once you place an order, you will be asked to submit your instructions and informations we need from you, to deliver an excellent infographic. (title, brand, style, data points…)

Data points are the content/data/text that you want to display/represent in your infographic. A 10-point Infographic presents 10 info points; 20-point Infographic presents 20 info points and so on.

No, we do not research the Infographic content. We design the visuals solely on the information provided by you.

You can always ask for a revision. We will provide you as many revisions as specified in your package.


All our revision services are free of cost and can be availed as many times as mentioned in the packages. We won’t ask you for any extra charge.

You can pay through credit cards and PayPal.

All the necessary details regarding the service are provided in the description. There shouldn’t be any need to contact us before placing an order, however, if there is an issue, we are always present to assist. Drop us a message without any hesitation.

Yes, send us a message for discussion. Then we will decide its possible or not. 

Adobe creative cloud software which includes illustrator & Photoshop. The source file will contain from either one (AI or PSD)

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