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Need an infographic ? Our agency will create an awesome design for you

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Do you need an infographic design ? Our team of infographic designers will create the perfect one for you.

Our designers have designed infographics for lots of different uses, business sectors and clients.

Whether you need an infographic design for your digital marketing, social media or for use in printed materials, we can develop an on-brand infographic that meets your requirements, and consequently wins you new business as a result.

During a package order, you will be able to send your requirements including:

  • What is the overall objective of the infographic (is it for sharing, link bait or content marketing for example)
  • What are the key messages that the infographic needs to convey
  • Is there a particular brand style that the infographic needs to follow

We’ll then begin by studying the brief, reading the data, and tinkering around with the design. Initial design will be delivered in 2-3 days.

Infographic is all about presentation, once the design is finalized you will receive the final artwork in formats agreed in the initial terms. Embed it on your marketing campaign, and be awed with the results!


Infographic design services.

As an infographic design agency, we have the experience you need to create both simple infographics and more complex rich pictures to get your messages across to your audience.

We’ve designed and produced illustrated infographics and diagrammatic designs that match our client’s requirements.

What you’ll get from our design team.

Our process allows us to explore lots of options for your infographic and we artwork everything in Adobe illustrator (not infographic software).

You get professionally designed artwork from Infographic designers who know what they are doing.

We create artwork that can be used across all your marketing channels because that’s what you need.

We neither use infographic design templates – stock files that many designers use to create something similar to other designs simply – our infographics are 100% unique and designed specifically for your business.