Infographic Design Agency : Premium Infographics vs Brafton

  • 31 August 2023
  • Emeric
  • 4 min read

Premium Infographics is very different from Brafton as an Infographic Design Agency because it’s only offering an infographic design service.

Run a google search for “Infographic Design Agency”, and you will immediately be smacked in the face tons of links. Among the many design brands vying for your attention amidst this industry, I am here to tell you one thing: before Premium Infographics, there has been no agency focusing exclusively on infographics, period. Let alone an unlimited infographic design service.

What there has been is simply graphic production services. What is the difference between the two? Read on.

Infographic Design Vs. Graphic Services

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds truer than ever in today’s fast-paced world. Infographics distill intricate information into easily digestible visuals, catering to both the visual and analytical preferences of audiences. These visual representations empower businesses to communicate intricate data, statistics, processes, and concepts that would otherwise require extensive text to explain.

Where a particular company claims that it provides clients with “graphic design”, one of the most significant drawbacks is the potential lack of expertise across different design niches. Graphic design is a multi-faceted field that encompasses various disciplines such as branding, web design, packaging, and print materials. Attempting to excel in all of these areas can spread an agency thin and result in a lack of depth in any particular domain. On the other hand, a specialized agency hones its skills in a specific niche, allowing them to stay updated with the latest trends, techniques, and best practices, ultimately delivering superior results.

Inconsistent Quality

Quality control can become a challenge for generalist agencies dealing with a wide range of design projects. Due to the diverse nature of their workload, maintaining a consistent level of quality across different projects can be demanding. Specialized agencies, however, focus solely on a particular niche, enabling them to refine their skills and consistently produce high-quality work tailored to the unique demands of that niche.

Diluted Brand Identity

For businesses seeking design services, consistency in branding is paramount. Generalist agencies might struggle to fully understand and execute a consistent brand identity when they are juggling various design styles and requirements. This can lead to diluted branding efforts, causing confusion among customers. Specialized agencies, on the other hand, possess an in-depth understanding of their niche’s design language, enabling them to create designs that resonate seamlessly with the intended audience.

Limited Innovation

Niche specialization often encourages agencies to delve deep into a particular design realm, fostering an environment that encourages innovation and creativity. Generalist agencies may find it challenging to push the boundaries of design in various fields simultaneously. Specialized agencies have the advantage of focusing their creative energies on one area, leading to breakthroughs and unique design solutions that might be harder to achieve for their more diversified counterparts.

Brafton vs Premium Infographics Services

Let us see how the Premium Infographics design services plans compare to those of similar agencies with the same offerings in the market.

For the comparison, we have chosen a company named Brafton. Some information isn’t available, so there is a “-” instead. Also, for this comparison, we used our basic package.

# Basis Of Distinction Premium Infographics
1 Starting Price Point USD 239/- Per Project USD 125/- Per Hour
2 Assigned Design Team Yes No, Single Person
3 Turnaround Time Three (Business) Days Or Less
4 Refunds Available Yes. No.
5 Revisions Unlimited
6 Data Points Included 10


As you can see, (I hope), Premium Infographics design services is clearly the way to go.

The comparison has taken into account the best and most viable competitor, for want of a better term that is in the market, and you can see the stellar difference between the two.

That, in essence, is Premium Infographics’ policy: To go the extra mile to help clients not only with their infographic design, but also with their brand image, and ultimately, their market projection.